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Steps surgeons should take to avoid a wrong-site surgery

Everyone here in Texas has made mistakes at one point or another. As the saying goes, "to err is human." In many industries, however, mistakes can lead to serious injuries or death. One of those fields is health care. When a surgeon makes a mistake and operates on the wrong body part, patient or organ, the aftermath can be devastating or even deadly for the patient. Nearly every hospital in the country has procedures meant to avoid wrong-site surgery, and surgeons should be following these protocols prior to every operation.

It may seem like common sense, but the importance of making sure that the right patient is on the operating table cannot be stressed enough. This may be the only surgical procedure that the patient goes through on a particular day, but surgeons and their teams often perform multiple procedures throughout the day. Verifying that they operate on the correct patient is vital. Once the surgical team verifies that they have the correct patient, the type of procedure and location of the procedure require verification.

TV reporter becomes the news after being charged with a crime

Television reporters are used to being in front of the camera while they cover a story. What most are not used to, however, is being in front of the camera because they are the subject of a news story. This recently happened to a television reporter here in San Antonio who was charged with a crime.

Police reports indicate that just prior to midnight on a recent Friday night, a police officer out of his jurisdiction observed a vehicle heading northbound on U.S. 281. The vehicle appeared to be weaving between lanes and almost struck numerous vehicles. The officer called for backup from local police as he initiated a traffic stop for failure to signal.

A quick guide to preserving evidence in a truck accident case

If you were injured in a truck accident due to truck driver negligence, you should seek compensation for your injuries. Along with evidence of your injuries and related expenses, you will need to demonstrate how the driver was negligent or reckless. Evidence is the foundation of your case, and the more you have is better.

Preservation of evidence is crucial when dealing with the aftermath of a truck collision. Here is guidance on what evidence is important and how to make sure it is preserved.

How new technology may stop drunk driving

If you have been out with friends, or even drinking alone, it is not always easy to tell how intoxicated you are. You may get behind the wheel of your car without realizing that you are too drunk to drive. This can end with something as simple as getting pulled over to something tragic like a deadly accident.

In 2016, 28 people were killed in a DUI accident each day. This is an increase from 2015 of almost 300 deaths for the entire year. Experts claim that DUI deaths are increasing in ways that have never been seen before. Fortunately, new technology is currently in development to warn drivers when they are too drunk to drive.

A worsened medical condition could result from an infection

The fact is that hospitals are full of sick people. The spread of illnesses and infections through a hospital is a risk that many Texas residents who are hospitalized have no choice but to take. They rely on the hospital to maintain as sterile and sanitized an environment as possible to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria and other germs that could result in a worsened medical condition for many patients whose immune systems are already compromised.

Contracting an infection in the hospital could threaten your life and/or cause you unnecessary harm. The harm does not always come from the infection itself, although it can. A serious infection often complicates matters for the underlying condition that put you in the hospital in the first place.

Accident investigation continues in catastrophic bus crash

The National Transportation Safety Board joined forces with the Texas Department of Public Safety to determine what caused the erratic driver of a pickup truck to crash into a bus. As they continue the accident investigation, a number families mourn the loss of their loved ones. Another family wonders whether their loved one will leave the hospital where she is currently in critical condition.

On the day of the accident, 911 dispatchers received several calls regarding a pickup truck being operated erratically. As police attempted to locate the out-of-control vehicle, they received one final 911 call. This time, the call was to report a catastrophic crash. Apparently, the pickup careened from the northbound lane into the southbound lane and slammed head-on into a bus occupied by the driver and 13 people.

The 3 main types of distracted driving

On today's roads, drivers are more distracted than ever. Whether it is using the cell phone, feeding the kids or even putting makeup on, it is often difficult to keep your eyes and focus on the road when you are driving. Keeping your focus where it should be is easier said than done, but distracted driving consistently ends up as one of the most common causes of deaths caused by accidents.

The consequences of an accident caused by distraction may affect your life for years to come, so you should be aware of the three main types of distracted driving before you hit the road.

Injured track coach avoided a head-on collision, 18 students hurt

Throughout the school year, students across the country travel for sporting events. Their parents anticipate their safe return home at the end of every event. For the parents of one boys track team here in Texas, a near head-on collision shattered that expectation.

The parents of the 18 students injured in the crash have the track coach to thank for their survival. The bus was headed south on Highway 271 in Texas when a semi-truck careened into its path. The coach managed to avoid a head-on collision with the truck, but the two large vehicles still collided. The 30-year-old assistant coach for the girls track team was in a car behind the bus. Her vehicle was also involved, and she died from the impact.

Should you worry if your parents' nursing home is reducing staff?

You and your parents love the nursing home they are in. It is cheerful and spacious, and the staff members are attentive. However, you hear that the nursing home is making staff reductions. Is that reason to worry? Possibly, since lower staff numbers may lead to increases in abuse. Sometimes, the abuse may even be unintentional like, for example, when there are not enough staffers, and important information falls through the cracks, or medication distribution gets delayed. However, a decrease in staffing is not necessarily cause for alarm.

Failure to diagnose left patient with severe brain damage

Far too many Texas residents know how frustrating it can be to go to a doctor and not receive any relief. Obtaining the right diagnosis is sometimes like running a marathon. When a doctor takes the easy route and makes a diagnosis without further testing, the patient is the one who suffers the damage. A failure to diagnose a condition properly could end up leaving a patient with a debilitating and permanent injury from which he or she may never recover.

For instance, if a woman's doctor had taken the time to perform additional testing when the woman first went to the doctor, she might not be suffering from severe brain damage today. Based on the woman's symptoms, the doctor said she suffered from anxiety and failed to order additional tests. Over the next eight months, the woman's condition worsened, and finally, she received an MRI that revealed she suffers from a hereditary condition called Wilson's disease. Unfortunately, the diagnosis came too late to prevent the damage to her brain.

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