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The hits just keep on coming where Takata air bags are concerned

It seems each new month brings new announcements about Takata Corp. motor vehicle air bags. Texas readers surely are aware about the hazards associated with these devices that are so widely used in the automotive industry that nearly every car manufacturer is feeling the effects of the defective part recalls.

As we noted in a previous post, there's a lot of uncertainty about why some bags are failing. What is known is that faulty bags have been the source of flying shrapnel that has resulted in the deaths of at least 10 people, nine of them in the U.S. They're also blamed for injuring more than 100 people.

FMCSA seeks better way to enforce trucking safety laws

There is little debate about the fact that trucking is essential to maintaining the American way of life. We rely on trucks to transport nearly everything we eat and most of the consumer products we buy.

Unfortunately, we pay a steep price for our reliance on trucks. For much of the last century, truck accidents have largely been dismissed as simply the cost of doing business. Some 4,000 people per year are killed in truck accidents on U.S. roads. Most of these accidents could be prevented if federal regulators were better able to monitor how trucking companies operate and quickly take safety violators out of service.

Wrong site surgery is still a problem across the nation

Wrong site surgery conjures horrifying images of disfigurement or missing body parts. Such a prospect fills citizens of Texas with fear, but in the big picture, such mistakes are relatively rare and usually do not result in significant disfigurement. However, wrong site surgeries do still happen and can lead to emotional devastation and a worsened medical condition. The fact that this type of surgical mistake is usually preventable only adds to the tragedy these victims may feel.

So what causes a trained and educated surgeon to perform a procedure on the wrong area of the body? The National Center for Biotechnology lists several reasons these mistakes occur. They include:

Taking control of your life after a brain injury

Experiencing a brain injury can bring devastation to your life, often causing changes that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, many Texas residents suffer from brain injuries each year in car accidents or other incidents. Worsening the situation, it does not always take a severe impact to cause serious and lasting damage. Sometimes even what is perceived as a slight or minor impact can cause the victim pain and disruptions in his or her daily life. This is why it is so important to seek medical attention following any head injury. The sooner you get a diagnosis, the better chance you have of receiving effective treatment.

Even with fast and accurate treatment, it is not always possible to recover from a brain injury. Victims often experience lasting side effects such as amnesia, loss of physical ability and severe, lasting pain. In some cases, victims may even lose the ability to take care of themselves and must acquire a nurse or long-term care provider. Further, it is sometimes impossible for victims to return to work after serious brain injuries.

What should I know about birth trauma?

Birth trauma relates to injuries suffered by an infant during birth, usually caused by mechanical forces like traction and compression. Birth trauma may cause hypoxic-ischemic insult, permanent injuries and lifelong developmental challenges for affected infants.

In extreme cases, birth trauma causes stillbirths and deaths. Two percent of neonatal stillbirths and deaths are attributed to birth trauma.

Basic answers to common questions about an arrest

The average person in San Antonio doesn't have any significant experience with the criminal justice system. A lot of people might be able to look back and identify times when maybe they received a traffic ticket that perhaps required making a court appearance.

Such situations, as serious as they may seem to be, are a far cry from what is possible. For the most part, awareness of what could happen if you have been arrested is probably limited to what you have seen through the make-believe eyes of some TV screenwriter. So, here are some real-life answers to some common questions.

Small head bumps can deliver severe brain trauma

Everybody has probably suffered a bonk on the head. They happen all the time. You make a turn around a blind corner in the hall and, smack! You run into someone coming in the other direction.

Maybe as you're driving down a parking lot lane in a San Antonio shopping mall, someone pulls suddenly out of a parking spot and smashes into your car. No airbags deploy. No blood is spilled. You consider yourself lucky that you didn't suffer anything more than a head whack into the driver's side window. Then you make the mistake of thinking nothing more of it.

Does my baby's birth injury merit a lawsuit?

When a child is born it is supposed to be a happy occasion. The joy can quickly fade to anxiety, though, if complications result in the child being born with a birth defect or injury. Suddenly, the prospect of having to provide for a lifetime of care can loom.

Desperation might lead the family of an injured newborn to want to find someone, anyone, to blame and hold accountable through filing a lawsuit. While such feelings are understandable, not every case of birth injury is necessarily actionable. To know if you have a viable case, you need to consult with an experienced attorney.

Tonight San Antonio police are out for drunk drivers

If you are like many workers in San Antonio, you are probably watching the clock at your office, waiting for your New Year's Eve festivities to begin. Maybe you have plans to attend a party with friends. Maybe you have special reservations with your sweetie at a favorite restaurant with your favorite margaritas. 

Whatever fun you plan on having tonight, you should be keenly aware that the San Antonio Police Department is out in full force and could possibly put a damper on your evening. "We are going to be out there," warns the police sergeant, discussing how patrols will be looking specifically for signs of drunk driving and aggressively targeting DUI suspects.

Pursuing damage claims relating to a semi truck crash

Semi truck drivers and the transportation companies that employ them are held to a higher standard of care and must to adhere to a lot of different rules and regulations. The consequences of a big rig smashing into a compact car are far greater than a compact car crashing into another small vehicle -- so these rules and regulations are there for good reason.

At Rush & Gransee LC, we have extensive experience representing car accident victims injured in semi truck crashes. We also represent the family members of people killed in such accidents. Whenever we take on such a case, we immediately look at some important factors to determine what parties may have been liable for the accident.

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