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Feeling cloudy after an accident? Get to a doctor

It's become a topic of hot debate in the sports world: traumatic brain injury. The movie "Concussion" has even pushed the NFL to change its policies.

These types of injuries are not limited to the sports field. They often occur in auto accidents. The symptoms can be subtle. Often people mention feeling cloudy. Diagnosis has been notoriously difficult as the medical field continues to learn more about the affects of brain injury.

The latest study published in the journal Neurology finds that TBI is often linked with sleep problems. In this post, we will describe some of the possible symptoms including disturbances to sleep.

Star quarterback indicted for domestic assault

Being charged with criminal acts in Texas can result in serious penalties and long-term consequences. Regardless of the particular situation, one of the most important things the accused can do is stage a robust criminal defense to have the charges dropped, gain an acquittal or come to a plea agreement. For that, legal help is a must.

The troubled football player Johnny Manziel, whose career has quickly fallen on hard times, has been indicted on charges that he committed misdemeanor domestic assault against a former girlfriend. Mr. Manziel, 23 and currently an NFL free agent after his release from the Cleveland Browns, was accused of striking his then-girlfriend multiple times while driving a vehicle with her as a passenger. According to law enforcement, she made an attempt to exit the vehicle while it was still in motion. Mr. Manziel is alleged to have stopped and forced her to get back in. At a Texas hotel, she asked a valet to help her, saying she was in fear for her life.

Research sheds more light onto football and brain damage

A concern for Texas residents who have children who play tackle football is the prevalence of traumatic brain injury. Those who played at various levels and are no longer playing also need to be cognizant of the problem, including those who played as kids, in high school, in college and even professionally. Research is ongoing to gauge the extent of the possible damage. It is imperative that those who might have been injured playing football without knowing the risks have a grasp on the possibility of a legal filing to be compensated.

A study by the American Academy of Neurology has shown that greater than 40 percent of men who played in the National Football League and are retired have shown signs of having traumatic brain injury through various tests. Several other studies have yielded similar results, with the PBS program "Frontline" devoting a program to degeneration of the brain from repeated head trauma in football players. That research showed that nearly all former NFL players who had an autopsy to determine the presence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) were found to have had it. In total, 79 percent of players from all levels were found to have had CTE.

Man charged with DWI offenses after crashing into stopped SUV

Drivers in San Antonio who are confronted with allegations and an arrest for a DWI offense need to be fully aware of the possibility of being charged with a crime and the potential consequences that accompany a conviction. DWI charges can lead to long-term problems including hefty fines, a loss of driving privileges, jail time and other penalties. Formulating a strong defense and understanding that law enforcement must follow certain procedures to ensure the investigation and arrest are valid are key factors when preparing for the case.

An accident on a Texas interstate that injured three people led to the arrest of a man for drunk driving offenses. In this crash, a driver had pulled his SUV to the side of the road to assist another driver whose vehicle was disabled. While the SUV driver was looking at the disabled vehicle, a Ford F250 pickup truck rear-ended the SUV. The SUV subsequently crashed into the disabled vehicle. A woman who was asleep in the SUV was taken to the hospital. She was reported in serious condition. The driver who had stopped to help was also hurt and hospitalized. The pickup driver was injured and in serious condition. During their investigation, law enforcement claims to have found an open container of alcohol in the pickup. The charges the pickup driver will face are pending.

Addressing traumatic brain injury concerns in Texas

The Texas division of the Brain Injury Association of America addresses the concerns of victims of brain injuries in Texas. Greater than 144,000 Texans suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in a single year. In addition, every year in Texas, 5,700 Texans are permanently disabled as a result of a traumatic brain injury. It is estimated that 381,000 Texans suffer with a disability caused by a traumatic brain injury.

Overall, traumatic brain injuries are a significant cause of death and disability in the United States. Traumatic brain injuries can have a significant impact on many aspects of a victim's life. TBIs can lead to impaired memory and cognitive abilities; impaired movement; impaired auditory and visual senses; and impaired emotional functioning including personality changes or mood disruptions. Victims of traumatic brain injuries may have a variety of concerns, including medical expenses, treatment, rehabilitation and emotional struggles associated with TBIs.

Failure to diagnose skin cancer can be disastrous

As Texas moves from spring into summer, many people will be anticipating hot weather and lots of sunshine. Many people are more exposed to the sun in the summer months, and skin cancer is always a concern for those with any exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Early diagnosis of cancer, including skin cancer, can be key to successfully fighting the disease. This blog post will provide a quick review of some of the signs and symptoms of skin cancer.

The most common sign of skin cancer is a change in the skin, such as a sore that doesn't heal, a new growth or a change in a mole. Experts suggest that remembering the A-B-C-D-Es of melanoma is a good way to remember some of the signs and symptoms. The initials refer to: asymmetry, border, color, diameter and evolution. If the spot on the skin is asymmetrical, if the border of the spot is jagged or irregular, if the color of the spot is uneven, if the diameter of the spot is greater than that of a pea or if you notice the spot evolving, changing over the course of a few weeks or months, you should have a doctor look at the spot right away.

We can provide guidance for those facing serious charges

Every year, numerous people in Bexar County find themselves facing felony charges. It's natural to find the situation confusing and overwhelming. This is one area where you want to get excellent advice and counsel before making any life-impacting decisions.

For example, many people in Texas find that they are being accused of misapplication of fiduciary property. This is a felony charge in which the defendant is accused of intentionally, knowingly or recklessly misapplying property with which he or she has been entrusted. This type of charge typically involves an employee of a business or nonprofit organization. It may also arise for a person with a responsibility for making decisions on behalf of a friend or relative. A person facing allegations of misapplication of fiduciary property may be facing some stark choices and will want to make sure any decisions made are well-informed. A felony conviction carries consequences that go beyond any jail sentence or fines. Having a felony conviction on your record can interfere with your ability to secure employment or housing for many years to come.

What are some signs and symptoms of amnesia?

Brain injury can require a sufferer to undergo long-term care, and some sufferers find out that they will be living with permanent disability. There are many kinds of brain injury, and traumatic brain injury has been in the news in recent years. This blog post will discuss one form of brain injury: amnesia.

There are two main kinds of amnesia. Anterograde amnesia is when a person suffers an impaired ability to learn new information. Retrograde amnesia is when a person has difficulty with recalling past events and previously familiar information from before the onset of the amnesia. A common form of amnesia is when a patient can easily recall information from the past but cannot recall more current information.

An introduction to ignition interlock devices in Texas

When a Texas driver is the subject of a court order involving certain kinds of DWI charges, they may be required to obtain an interlock license to prevent their driving privileges from being canceled. An interlock license limits the holder to operating motor vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device. What does this mean for a Texas driver facing this restriction?

Ignition interlock devices, also called IIDs, are instruments that prevent the operation of a vehicle when the driver has alcohol on their breath. An IID is installed on the driver's side of the passenger compartment. In order to start the car, the driver is required to blow into a tube connected to the IID. If a threshold amount of alcohol is detected on the driver's breath, the car will not start. Otherwise, the car will start as normal.

What is Erb's palsy and how can it affect my baby's health?

It happens often in Bexar County: A mother give birth to a healthy baby, and soon mom, dad and baby are on their way home to begin their new lives together. Sometimes, however, something goes wrong, and the health of the baby is negatively impacted. This can happen due to the negligence of a medical professional, among other causes. This blog post will discuss an all-too-common birth injury that can have severe effects: Erb's palsy.

Erb's palsy can result when a baby suffers injury to a group of nerves that connects the arm and hands to the spinal cord. These nerves are called the brachial plexus, and they may be damaged during the childbirth process if the person doing the delivery does not follow the correct procedure. The baby may experience limpness or paralysis in the arm and a loss of sensation in their fingers and hands. This injury will usually require expensive medical treatment to treat. Sometimes permanent injury will result from an injured brachial plexus.

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