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June 2012 Archives

Tractor-Trailer Rigs Getting Bigger?

The Coalition for Transportation Productivity, a transportation advocacy group, has come out supporting a bill that would allow heavier and longer trucks on the highways. The legislation has been introduced that would allow tractor trailer trucks to increase their weight from 80,000 pounds to 97,000 pounds and in some cases up to 126,000 pounds. The legislation would allow the largest rigs to be up to 10 feet longer for a total length of more than 100 feet.

Plastic Natural Gas Pipe Subject to Failure.

A type of plastic pipe that caused a natural gas explosion in California has been known to create a potential threat to the public. A type of plastic pipe manufactured in the 1970's and used to transport natural gas is prone to failure. When underground pipes that transport natural gas fail the results can be catastrophic.

Auto Insurance In Texas

Texas drivers are required to have a minimum of $30,000.00 in automobile liability coverage to compensate someone for their injuries. This is the bare minimum and it only compensates the accident victim, not the insured. If you are injured by an uninsured driver and you only have liability coverage, you will not be compensated for your losses or injuries as a result of the accident. Many Texans drive on our public roads without any insurance and those who have coverage often only have the minimum amount of coverage.

Insurance Companies Sued by Police Officer

Recently, an off-duty police officer was hit by an automobile while directing traffic. The officer was in uniform but was working for a private company directing traffic when struck by a driver that denied seeing the officer. The injured officer has incurred tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills; however his workers compensation carrier is denying coverage and his own insurance has denied coverage. The woman who hit him only had minimal coverage.

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