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April 2013 Archives

Teen blames zombies in unusual 18-wheeler accident

Texas residents may have heard about the strange excuse provided to police by a 19-year-old man who caused an accident on a California freeway after taking off in a semi truck after the driver stopped at an inspection site. Zombies were allegedly the reason behind the complex 18-wheeler accident that injured four people and delayed traffic for hours while the multi-car accident was cleared away.When the driver of the truck exited the truck at an inspection site, the young man, originally from Tennessee, reportedly climbed behind the wheel and sped out onto the freeway. He then lost control of the truck and struck a Toyota Tacoma and set off a chain reaction. The Tacoma struck a Toyota 4Runner, which then hit a Mercedez-Benz. He then continued driving and hit a Ford Taurus and Honda Accord. After striking the Accord, the truck overturned and came to a stop.

Settlement reached in teen's death from wisdom teeth extraction

The civil case related to the death of a teen during wisdom teeth surgery has been closed. Two years after the incident, the medical malpractice claim was settled confidentially. Filed in November, 2011, the case was brought against the medical professionals and facility involved in the 17-year-old girl's procedure. A lack of oxygen during the surgery caused the brain injury and 10-day coma that preceded her death.The teenager's parents filed suit based on the claim that the professionals involved in the oral surgery were negligent, failing to respond appropriately to her slowing heart rate. Autopsy results pinpointed the cause of death as a lack of oxygen to the brain, also indicating that the girl had no record of significant medical history. The defense team suggested that preexisting issues of anxiety and stress may have played a role in the death. The parents of the teen were opposed to the public exposure of their daughter's records in court.

4-car wreck sends five to hospital

A four-car accident in Tyler, Texas, sent five victims to the hospital with injuries. The car accident occurred on Highway 31 East near the intersection with County Road 24. Traffic was stopped as vehicles were preparing to turn left on County Road 24. However, a Tahoe failed to stop in time to avoid a collision and the driver swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid rear-ending another vehicle. The Tahoe collided with an oncoming vehicle in what officials described as a nearly head-on crash.The Tahoe flipped at least once, and the other car's passenger side door was nearly torn off. A total of five people were transported to area hospitals with undisclosed injuries. However, Texas State Troopers said that all victims were conscious at the time of transport; this is a good indication that none of the injuries were life-threatening, although no reports on the victims' conditions have been released.

Man held on $1 million bond in Texas hit-and-run accident

A local man is accused of hitting a 17-year-old boy with his car, and then leaving the scene. The boy was walking home from CiCi's Pizza in Ayers, where he works. The cause of the car accident was not disclosed. The driver is being held in jail. His bail was set at $1 million.The teenager has been on life support in the Intensive Care Unit since the collision occurred. His mother reported that he seems to respond to the sound of her voice and is making progress.

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