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Assessing The Lifetime Costs Of A Birth Injury

Using Life Care Plans to Help Achieve Successful Birth Injury Case Outcomes

A birth injury often starts out as a heart-wrenching event that shakes a family to the core. Feelings of sorrow, fear and hopelessness are common. Right on the heels of the difficult news come the burning questions of "How?" and "Why?" Why did the birth injury happen? How will the family cope? What can be done to give the child the best chances at a happy life, even if that life is very different from what parents may have anticipated?

As the stages of grief progress from shock to acceptance, parents must face tough realities. It doesn't take long to understand that financial needs can become more critical than imagined. In addition to hardships related to parents' loss of work time and challenges learning to care for a child with lifelong disabilities, there are very real expenses to face in most cases.

A successful birth injury case, then, will focus in large part on determining just what those expenses will be. Putting a dollar figure on a birth injury is not as cold and calculating as it sounds. It is a very practical way of moving forward. Once a family knows what will be needed and can visualize the resources needed, life can be manageable once again.

An essential part of a birth injury claim or lawsuit is a professionally prepared life care plan. Attorneys at Rush & Gransee, L.C., incorporate meticulous, well-documented life care plans when preparing compelling cases on behalf of babies and their parents after birth injuries have resulted in loss. Each life care plan is uniquely tailored to the child in question. Doctors, therapists, social workers and personal care attendants are examples of professionals who typically weigh in. A life care plan typically includes considerations such as the following:

  • Medical records reviews
  • Patient interviews
  • Physician reports
  • Home health care services projections
  • Medication estimates over a lifetime
  • Medical care estimates over a lifetime, including specialty physician care
  • Transportation needs
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Environmental modifications
  • Nursing and attendant care

Life care planning applies methodological, expert analysis to determine and quantify the current and future medical care of a child who must live with the results of a birth injury such as a hypoxic brain injury. Rush & Gransee, L.C., is well-equipped to apply findings from a life care plan to preparation of a compelling claim or lawsuit.

Learn How A Life Care Plan Can Help Determine The Future Financial Needs Of Your Child's Birth Injury Claim In Texas

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