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Bone Fractures During Delivery

When a Baby Suffers a Bone Fracture During Delivery

The idea that your baby suffered a bone injury during birth may have come as a shock when you learned of the diagnosis. How could this happen? Was a doctor's negligence a factor in a birth-related bone fracture case? Contact an attorney at Rush & Gransee, L.C., in San Antonio, Texas, to discuss your child's situation and whether you have a birth injury case.

Bone injuries to babies during the birthing process happen fairly often. Specific injuries include dislocated elbows and fractures to the clavicle, humerus, femur and/or skull. Experts have pinpointed common risk factors for bone fractures during birth to be:

  • Faulty prenatal care, including a failure to diagnose and plan for risk factors such as an oversized fetus
  • Failure of an obstetrician to respond appropriately to a baby's risky position during birth
Why Bone Fractures Sometimes Happen During Birth

As with other birth injuries such as hypoxic brain injury, a bone fracture is often the result of a doctor's inadequate response when problems arise during birth. An oversized fetus trapped in the birth canal can trigger an urgent reaction from the delivering physician, potentially leading to a bone fracture. The use of forceps or a vacuum extractor may also trigger Erb's palsy (damage to nerves at the shoulder) and/or a bone fracture.

A Bone Fracture Near the Shoulder can Lead to Palsy

A bone fracture in a newborn may heal over time, but parents will need to handle the baby specially to avoid causing pain or further harm. A broken clavicle sometimes results in damage to the nerves near the shoulder, resulting in Erb's palsy or another type of palsy. Some cases respond well to corrective surgery and/or physical therapy. Some result in permanent malfunction of the nerves near the shoulder. A child coping with this disability may need special therapy and accommodations indefinitely.

A Skull Fracture may Have Long-Lasting Consequences Such as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A skull fracture occurring during birth carries various causes for concern. A baby recovering from a skull fracture may demonstrate anemia, infection, jaundice, behavioral changes, irritability or sensitivity to light and sound. Temporary or long-lasting accommodations are important in such cases.

What should you do if your baby suffered a broken bone during delivery? Consult with a birth injury attorney to weigh your options.

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