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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Handling Injury Claims Involving Commercial Vehicle Accidents

A car or truck accident involving a commercial vehicle often presents complex insurance issues. A personal injury attorney with ample experience handling commercial vehicle accidents is an important resource for an injured person and his or her family. Getting a lawyer on board as soon as possible after the crash will help preserve options for the most favorable outcome attainable. Rush & Gransee, L.C., is well-prepared to advise and assist you after a wreck including a commercial vehicle such as a:

  • Big rig (18-wheeler) semi-truck
  • Delivery truck
  • Mail truck
  • Furniture delivery truck
  • Sears, Lowe's, Home Depot or other retail delivery truck
  • UPS or FedEx truck
  • Utility vehicle
  • Cable television installation vehicle
  • Landscaping vehicle
  • Construction vehicle
  • Garbage truck
  • Street sweeper

Multiple layers of liability — and potential insurance coverage to compensate for harms and losses — may be at play after a commercial vehicle accident. A skillful motor vehicle crash lawyer can help prevent legal gridlock as various commercial entities and their insurers seek to reduce or eliminate compensation they may have to pay to the injured person. You can count on the owner of the vehicle and the owner of the business (such as Sears or UPS) to have their own attorneys hard at work right away. As a person who has suffered injury or loss of a loved one in a commercial vehicle accident, you need legal counsel and representation to protect your rights. Investigation needs to begin, and evidence needs to be gathered. Delay can cause information to be lost.

Rush & Gransee, L.C., is ready to initiate a detailed investigation into the causes of the commercial vehicle wreck that injured you, injured your loved one or took your loved one's life. We can take over communications with insurers, medical providers and other involved people or organizations. We can prepare your case as if for trial and if need be, take it before a judge and jury. More likely, however, we will procure a strong settlement offer without going to trial. Being ready is half the battle, and our law firm is ready.

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We understand your financial and legal needs as you cope with the aftermath of a serious or catastrophic wreck involving a commercial vehicle. We are here to go to bat for you and help you recover the compensation you are eligible for.

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