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Dog Bites

Maximum Compensation for Dog Bites

San Antonio has a huge problem with dog bites and attacks. San Antonio has over 150,000 stray animals roaming the streets and more than 3,000 residents are bitten each year. To combat this problem San Antonio has just instituted an Animal Court wherein dog owners are brought in to court and potentially prosecuted if their dog bites someone. They can also be prosecuted for not having a pet's vaccinations up to date or letting their dog roam free.

Have You or a Loved one Been Injured by a Dog Bite?

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Most injuries caused by animals are bites. Most bites are caused by domestic animals; dogs are responsible for approximately 80 percent of all bites. Children are bitten more often than adults.

Dog and cat bites and injuries often result in infections because the puncture wounds drive the infectious organisms deep into the tissue. Two bite locations are generally the most serious. A hand bite very often results in serious infections because the hand's structure tends to increase the odds of an infection spreading. Any bite to the face or lips is serious because of the tendency to scar. Prompt treatment by a medical doctor and possibly a plastic surgeon greatly reduces the odds of serious long-term effects. All animal bites should be treated seriously as infections can become present within 12 to 24 hours while some organisms can take days to become apparent.

There are two common misperceptions about animal bite cases. One is that every animal gets one free bite; the other misperception is that it will be easy to collect damages from the owner of the animal. A brief explanation of the Texas law on animal bites illustrates why it is necessary to hire an animal bite lawyer.

Generally, an animal's owner will be responsible for injuries and damages if the animal is mischievous or dangerous and the owner knew about the animal's propensities and those characteristics or propensities are what caused the injury. However, if a dog is normally very docile and has no history of biting, the dog owner's lack of being forewarned may act as a defense. An owner of a pet will often attempt to defend themselves against a lawsuit by alleging that the animal is always docile, sweet and never aggressive. This is often referred to the one free bite rule.

A dog's owner can still be liable for injuries caused by his dog biting someone even if the dog has no history of being vicious; in other words, there are exceptions to the one free bite rule. The negligent handling or keeping of a dog by its owner can be a basis to hold the dog's owner liable for injuries caused by the dog even if the dog had no history of being vicious. Also, a dog owner has the responsibility to stop a dog attack immediately and failure to do so can be a basis for liability.

These are considered premises liability claims. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover injuries caused by the homeowner's pets if the injured party can establish liability. All potential ways of holding the dog's owner responsible need to be investigated and pursued because the insurance company may deny coverage.

If an animal bite occurs from a dog or cat that is not confined or in someone's house, it is necessary to determine the animal's owner. Failure to determine the animal's owner will make any recovery impossible.