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Electrical Injuries

Standing Up for Victims of Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries are relatively uncommon events, however, over 46,000 workers suffered electricity-related injuries in years 1992-2002 from electrical injuries suffered on the job. During the same period of time, over 3,300 workers died from on-the-job electricity-related injuries. (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

Electrical personal injury manifestations are frequently devastating in scope and require an intensive approach to evaluation, monitoring and management. There are several mechanisms by which contact with an electrical source may indirectly injure the patient, such as burn injuries caused by ignition of clothing, by the arcing current or the skeletal trauma from violent muscular contraction.

In short, there are simply too many areas of potential discussion concerning electrical injuries, to address in this page; if you have any questions, contact an experienced attorney to discuss the specifics of your situation.