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Objects Left Inside the Patient

Surgical Malpractice for Objects Left Inside the Patient

"Foreign retained objects" is the medical term for instruments or other materials that are accidentally left inside a person after a surgical procedure. There is also a medical malpractice term for this — a "never event" — meaning it should never happen when the surgical team follows established protocols.

Sometimes, there is no harm. In some cases, the person never even notices. But if you or a loved one did suffer serious injury from such an object, it may constitute medical malpractice. The attorneys of Rush & Gransee, L.C., have long experience in surgery malpractice in South Texas, including cases of retained surgery materials.

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Foreign Retained Objects in Surgery: How Does This Even Happen?

Some aspects of surgery are planned, but there may be excess bleeding or unforeseen complications. A clamp here, a sponge there. However, nurses in the operating room are responsible for keeping track of every item used by the surgeon and assisting professionals, and everyone has a duty to be aware of the items used in surgery. The nurses have a duty to count and double-check what comes out before the surgeon begins suturing the incision.

Commonly retained objects include medical gauzes, sponges, hemostats (clamps) and suture needles. If the person is sewn up and sent home, those objects can cause severe pain, nerve damage or life-threatening infection, internal bleeding or organ damage. The patient is then forced to undergo another invasive procedure, with all the risks of anesthesia and hardships of recovery, to remove the object and address the damage.

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